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Heal, transform
and elevate.


I can empower you to

live your best life and

truly thrive by healing

your inner wounds and stepping into the most authentic version of yourself!

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I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Counsellor with an educational background in Psychology (BSc in Psychology and MSc in Health Psychology). Empowering people to step into their innate power is my life's calling, and each day I'm grateful that I can do what I love as a job.

I am a heart-centred and trauma-informed therapist, who understands the importance of building a strong therapeutic relationship which, as research indicates, is the best predictor of success in therapy!

In my work with clients I focus on the relationship with self, as it's the most reliable source of support and the utmost important aspect of our lives.
Self-love, self-trust, self-esteem, self-commitment and self-worth are all critical in how we perceive ourselves and the world, and therefore how we respond to it. Our relationship with self determines the quality of relationships with others as well as permeates all other areas of our lives, including finances, health, career, habits and happiness.   

An unhealthy relationship with self may manifest itself in many ways. You may struggle with frequent self-doubt, anxiety, self-destructive behaviours (e.g. emotional eating, nail biting), low mood, feelings of being stuck or out of control. Making decisions can be draining due to constant inner conflict and poor boundaries with other people.