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Image by Jessica F

Become the best version of you

Overcome anxiety

Improve your sleep

Relaxing through meditation in a white shirt with the light shining through the window brightly as the person calms down
Head resting on a comfortable pillow whilst smiling with contentment and the body is laying in a relaxed state

Quit smoking

Achieve healthy body weight

A half burnt cigarette sat on the edge of a glass ashtray placed on a wooden table
Checking Weight_edited.jpg

Fight depression

Address phobias

Red haired woman leaning over a wooden chair in a pale blue jumper thinking deeply whilst looking at the floor

Fight Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Brown and black hairy Tarantula sat on the floor of the forest woodlands

Control chronic pain

Woman with Long Grey Hair_edited_edited.jpg
Meditating on Bed_edited.jpg

Uplevel your work life

Manifest your dreams and desires

Woman on Computer_edited.jpg
clear glass jar on opened book_edited.jpg

Both counselling and hypnotherapy can help in many areas of your life. The issues listed above can all be helped when you engage fully in the therapeutic process. It is not an exhaustive list however, and if you have an issue which is not listed here, please get in touch to discuss whether you could benefit from my support.

Laid down on a bed whilst gripping a pillow in frustration as her hand is holding her stomach in pain

Believe in yourself

Frustrated dark haired man with a beard covering his ears whilst screaming out in upset and anger

Grow spiritually

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