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Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Our hypnotherapy service in Leeds taps into the incredible power of your subconscious mind to heal deep inner wounds and create lasting change. Imagine learning to think and act differently, breaking free from what’s been holding you back.

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What is hypnotherapy and how does it work?

Hypnotherapy is the use of an altered state of consciousness to treat and alleviate a wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Suggestions given by the therapist during hypnosis help to reprogram the subconscious and unconscious mind to achieve rapid and long-lasting changes.


Your own thoughts shape your reality. Your actions, feelings, decisions, relationships, career and even physical health are all enormously affected by your thoughts and emotions. At the same time, you alter your brain; more specifically, the connections inside it. You can use your mind to change your brain. The problem is that many thoughts, urges, feelings and memories are outside of our conscious awareness.


Our hypnotherapy services in Leeds help you access your subconscious mind and focus on what you want to create. With repeated and directed attention towards your desired change, you can create new neural pathways and rewire your brain so that you learn to think and act differently. This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity and has been extensively researched.  Hypnotherapists assist their clients in using this remarkable ability of the brain to change. By retraining their brains, clients can eliminate unhelpful beliefs and create new, helpful ones to gain fast and long lasting results in many areas of their lives including career, mental health, physical health, self-esteem, relationships and more.

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Does online hypnotherapy work?

Online hypnotherapy is a convenient and safe alternative to face-to-face sessions. It is equally effective as hypnotherapy in the clinic and follows the same structured approach. Hypnosis doesn't require having a therapist in the room with you. All you really need to be able to do is listen to the suggestions they give you. 


Online hypnotherapy is particularly useful if you are limited by location, time, other commitments or health conditions. You'll just need a quiet comfortable and private place at home or work to talk and relax without the need to spend time and money travelling and parking.

What do I need access to for online hypnotherapy?​

✧ A quiet comfortable place where you can relax and won't be disturbed.

✧ A reliable Internet connection.

✧ A computer, laptop, smartphone or other device with good camera and sound.

✧ Headphones allow you to be fully immersed during hypnosis.

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